Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Face-off: Prius vs GoLoco

And the winner is, GoLoco!*

When you drive a hybrid, sure you get more miles to the gallon, but it turns out most people drive more miles since it costs them less. The net reduction in CO2 emissions is about 3% for every 10% better mileage the vehicle gets.

In contrast, when you GoLoco, you:

• dramatically reduce CO2 emissions
• dramatically improve passenger miles per the gallon
• reduce congestion
• reduce road wear and tear
• reduce demand for parking
• reduce the number of car accidents (fewer cars means fewer accidents)
• reduce sprawl


*Individual results may vary depending on percent of trips taken solo versus loco.

Source: Todd Littman, Victoria Transport Policy Institute
"Efficient Transportation Versus Efficient Vehicles" ( )


About said...

Goloco would be a good name for a mexican boxer...if you're not careful he'll goloco on your something like that...

Jerry said...

spurious statistics, don't ya just love 'em?!

The comments are just rubbish with no basis in fact. Greatly variable according - for just one example - to which country. My mileage has reduced significantly since before I got my Prius 4 years ago as I am more aware of environmental issues now. And I no longer fly at all.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated comment to this post but since I saw no "Contact Us" on your site I wanted to let you know that -
1) you have a typo - "Invite your your friends, colleagues, and classmates to join GoLoco." too many yours...on

2) your logo should link to the Home page/tab.

Keep up the fight!