Monday, April 30, 2007

Welcome to GoLoco

We're as eager as a new litter of puppies to get going! Yes, we're not quite properly trained yet and we're kind of falling all over ourselves, but we're hoping that we're so cute and cuddly that you'll put up with all of that for a little while. Pretty soon we'll be obedient and faithful and much better behaved.


cameron said...

Nice metaphor. I love puppies.

Robin said...

Apparently "go" means puppy in Chinese, so particularly apt.

Bill said...

Dear Roy and Robin,

Thank you for offering this service.

I made the mistake of registering before reading your terms of service. Your intention to bill $5 a month for an inactive account and to claim ownership of my contact information and communications is unacceptable. I have closed the account. Please cancel the registration.

Your service has great potential and if you change your terms of service to be consistent with being of service, I would reconsider registering.

Best regards,

Roy said...

If an account is inactive for over 1 year then we close the account and attempt to return any fund remaining in the account to the owner. If we are unable to return the funds, then we apply a monthly "maintenance fee". While we're open to other ways of handling this, it is standard practice and avoids us having to handle "unclaimed funds" and return them to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.